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Bathtime with SparklyBelle

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Yes, you read that right! Let's get squeeky clean y'all! 

I'm really excited because we have started carrying bath bombs at SugarBelle! These sweet things are locally made and they smell heavenly! This fizzy amazingness comes in a multitude of scents: Watermellon, Sea Island Spa, Raspberry Truffle, Baby Powder, Cucumber Mellon, and Jamacian Me Crazy. 

I was so lucky to be able to get my hands on the Baby Powder bath bomb and a free second to be able to indulge in a bath. 

I say indulge, because I never ever ever get to take baths. I have an almost 10 month old that is literally keeping me on my toes. The point of this is that for those quick showers but you still want to enjoy the amazing luxury of one of these bath bombs, we also offer shower bombs! More to come on those later...

I digress... So I got to take a bath and it was wonderful! I sat my bath bomb out on my bathroom counter earlier that day and my entire bathroom and bedroom smelled delicious. Once I placed the bath bomb in the tub, it fizzied for a few minutes and then the water turned blue and my skin felt super soft! It didn't leave an oily residue, which I really appreciate. I want to get out of the bath feeling clean and relaxed, which is exactly what this did. 


SugarBelle has always carried the some of the best skin and bath products. They are thoughtfully chosen based on the ingredients (always natural) and they're usually locally made or made with lots of heart. These different products will make great gifts for anyone on your list for any occasion. You don't even need a particular reason to purchase any of these items - just share the love with everyone you know. I can promise you, the strongest woman you know needs a pick me up every now and then. 

Now go out, buy one of these amazing things, and treat yourself to a bath! You deserve it! 


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