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Wash Away Those Blues

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Y'all made it through the week! Heck, you made it through the month of March! Crazy, right?! 

You know what you need this weekend? A bath! 
I actually read the craziest thing online. Science says hot baths might be better for us than we thought. Someone out there in internet world says that taking baths might be equivalent to exercising! COUNT ME IN! Read here and here

So this weekend, I think a little "treat yourself" is in order and we sure do have the perfect things for you.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test out one of our bath bombs. It left my skin feeling so soft and it made my entire bathroom smell like heaven. More on that here

Today, I'm going to tell you a little more about these products and their "sister" products that we also have in store. The 4 products I'm going to go over are: bath fizzies, bath bombs, soap, and sugar scrub cubes. These amazing products are all made locally in Beaufort and just for us here at SugarBelle! 

Bath Fizzies
Fizzies are fun! Don't have time for a long, luxurious bath? No problem. Get your aromatherapy in just like you would in a bath, but during a shower. These amazing little wonders come in a large circular piece of well, for better words, fizzie! If you plan on taking a quick shower, feel free to break up the fizzie and place little pieces of it along your shower floor where the water will hit it. It will then open up your senses and make your power shower even better. Our bath fizzies come in multiple scents (like our other products): peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and spearmint. 

Now, I'm all about different scents and aromatherapy helping with your senses. I particularly like lavender for relaxing right before bedtime. Peppermint will help energize, so it's perfect for morning showers. 

Bath Bombs
We promise you, these products are the bomb, literally! I think bath bombs are a great addition to any bath. I love the "sssssss" noise it makes while its dissolving. (Cheap thrills y'all!) They leave your bathwater with a slight color, which is also a lot of fun, especially for your littles. Most importantly as I've said before, I love that these bath bombs leave my skin feeling moisturized, not oily. That's really important to me when using products like this. I want to feel silky smooth, not like I need to take another bath immediately afterwards. 

We offer bath bombs in the following scents: raspberry truffle, sea island spa, candied apple pomegranate, baby powder, and cucumber melon. These are so much fun and make wonderful gifts! 

These soaps, along with all of our other bath products, are locally made. They're also hand cut and are made just for our sweet little store. What I like about these soaps are that they, like the bath bombs, don't leave a gross residue. They just leave you feeling so fresh and so clean, clean. 

Lather up in any of these scents: lavender, Bora Bora, brown sugar and fig, coconut, and apple. My favorite: definitely brown sugar and fig! 

Sugar Scrub Cubes
The best thing about these little sugar scrub cubes is that if you enjoy using scrubs but don't like how awkward they are to use (I mean, hello, you get more scrub in between your fingers and under your nails than you actually get on the rest of your skin), than these will be perfect for you. All you do is take one little cube and apply it to the desired area. This allows you to have more control over how much scrub you're using and how you're using it. Again, they smell heavenly and are wonderful for removing any dry skin.

Our sugar scrub cubes come in the following scents: lavender, ocean mist, dream catcher, and rosemary mint. I know they all sound so yummy, but I highly do not recommend dropping a cube in your sweet tea.

Not to mention, if you like to make sure all of your scents coordinate, we offer a lot of the same smells in various products. Such an easy way to put together a gift basket for friends, teachers, co-workers, mother (or mothers-in-law)...really anyone in your life that could use a sweet little pick me up. 

Come see us and take a smell for yourself. Open up your senses this weekend with any of these delightful treats! We're located at 905 Boundary Street, Beaufort SC and will be coming to Columbia SC very soon! Open from 10am - 6pm. Give us a call at 843-379-4141 to purchase yours over the phone if you can't make it in!


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